In the jewelry world, it is easy to find so many jewelry companies and jewelry designers prevailing in the market. These are ranging from prestigious companies to small striving firms, from quite known designers to those who just make their debut. So how can we make our jewelry designs outstanding in the harsh market? Here are some tips.

This is more of an attitude than a method

The first step to stand out in the competitive market might be trying to figure out what makes people buy? The easiest way is to observe from lots of articles, blogs, or ads and find out what the trend is. And never ever limit your thought in one pattern. The best designs are those that have the magic power to lead the trend, but not those that are following the trend. So once trend is being observed, you are supposed to innovate your thought into creative and functional one.

Anyone can be a designer, but that doesn’t mean everyone can be a good designer. Once you have created brilliant works, it is time for you to introduce marketing ideas into your thoughts.

Getting your Designs noticed by the industry

The best way to get noticed for your works is to find an independent sales representative who can exhibit your designs at the major trade shows in the industry. There are many good trade shows you can find in the Internet, which you might attend and look for a great opportunity for yourself. Don’t be shy when asking others if they have interests in promoting your jewelry designs. You never know that something you are barely willing to do might turn out to be a success in the end.

Getting your designs in the magazines

It is also highly recommended that you submit your works to fashion magazine or jewelry magazine editors. But first you should do some homework before to see if your designs are a fit for the editor’s own style.

You can send your product sample with a pre-paid return package enclosed as well.

Remember that you understand what you can do for the editors, but not what you can get from her. In this way, you will be able to enhance your chances to get your jewelry designs pressed in the magazines.

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