Cryptocurrency adoption is increasing in 2018 while prices are dipping. It’s a counter-intuitive reaction that we are seeing here since prices should be increasing as adoption increases. Yet that’s not what happening as we start 2018. This week, as major cryptocurrency prices continue to drop or get rejected around resistance levels, we shared with our Blockchain Service Subscribers the following:

This week we want to highlight “new” initiatives in the sector. As the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector is retracing, investors should remain focused on actions that can impact the future of the sector and therefore their investments rather than noise.

ETFs, cryptocurrency funds, futures are being launched to offer investors exposure to cryptocurrencies. More and more retail investors are pressuring their financial planners/institutions to either match the returns from investing in crypto or offer them exposure to this sector. The examples of new crypto hedge funds are all over the news.

The Blockchain tech is also in focus:

  • RBC to use Blockchain to automate credit scoring, see here
  • Canadian Banks testing a digital identity network based on Blockchain, see here.
  • London-based Marex Solutions created the first structured product to be registered, cleared and settled using Blockchain, See here.
  • Canadian CSE working on creating a securities clearing and settlement platform using blockchain technology.See here.
  • Northern Trust launches instant Blockchain audits, see here.
  • Cryptocurrency Adoption and Blockchain Technology: Recent Adoption examples

    Just within the last 48 hours, we saw the following announcements:

  • Fujitsu Opens Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels to Accelerate Development of Next Generation Applications. See here.
  • Sheri Kaiserman, the now former head of Wall Street’s Wedbush Securities, has left the company in order to co-found a Blockchain investment fund and advisory business. See details here.
  • Santander banking group announced a partnership with Ripple to launch an international money transfer app. Announcement here.
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