We asked financial advisers for some of the most important ideas they wish their clientsretirement-planning-300x300 understood when it comes to money, retirement, and the future. Here are 7 of the most important.

Wish you had a crystal ball for retirement planning? Most of us do, and for good reason. Even if you’re sure you’ll have enough money to retire, there are no guarantees until you get there. If your nest egg runs short, it will be far too late for a do-over. This is where a financial adviser can help.

  • A financial adviser will know if you’re:
    • heavy on risk,
    • not diversified enough,
    • failing to maximize tax advantages,
    • or simply not saving enough.
  • …[and] take into account your lifestyle and preferences to ensure you’re on the right path to your ideal retirement, and not just following a cookie cutter plan that’s not going to be the right fit.
  • Here are those 7 things Financial Advisers wish you knew about retirement:

    1. Social Security will be around in some form

    …Many clients refuse to accept that Social Security will still be around when they retire. This is especially true if they are part of Gen X or Gen Y… since they are decades away from receiving benefits.

    However short on funds we may be, the Social Security Administration projects the ability to pay around 75% of current benefits after the fund is depleted in 2034. This is a key detail…since many people hear Social Security is going bankrupt and refuse to acknowledge any benefits in their own retirement planning…

    2. It’s ok to “live a little” while you save for retirement

    …Too many future retirees sacrifice living now for their “pie in the sky” dream of retirement. Unfortunately, tomorrow isn’t promised, and many people never get to live out the dreams they plan all along…

    With a solid savings and retirement plan, you should be able to do both — save and invest adequately, and try some new experiences that make life adventurous and satisfying now…

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