Our amazing new Stock Seasonality Tool lets users track seasonality trends for any stock, ETF, index, or asset class over any time period throughout the year.With the month of April starting up next week, we wanted to show how the various commodities ETFs have historically performed during the month.

The chart below is a direct snapshot from a search we ran in our Stock Seasonality Tool. It shows the five best and worst performing commodities ETF during the month of April on a media basis over the last 12 years.Natural gas has been in a downtrend for years now, but interestingly, UNG has been the best performing commodity ETF in April with a median gain of 3.57%.Behind UNG is DBC, DJP, MOO, and DBE.DBC and DJP are two broad commodity ETFs, while MOO tracks agribusiness.

On the downside, there are three commodity ETFs that have posted median declines in April over the last 12 years — Silver (SLV), Coffee (JO), and precious metals (DBP). Silver (SLV) has been the worst performing commodity ETF in April over the last 12 years with a median decline of 3.05%.


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