Blockchain tech is constantly evolving, and new cryptos are arriving all the time. In our 
Crypto Asset Strategies service, Adam is always on the hunt for the next big cryptos. He believes we’re in the early stages of a monetary revolution.

We’re still in the early days here… and it’s thrilling to imagine what the future will bring.

Dear Early Investor,

Cryptocurrencies can offer investors dazzling returns.

That’s a nice conversation starter.

But cryptocurrencies can do so much more.

Adam and I have talked a lot about the gains that have been made (and the gains likely to come).

We’ve also talked about how nice it is to finally have a viable alternative to fiat money (aka traditional currency).

Cryptocurrency prices rose so quickly in 2017 (more than 10X) that progress made in the equally exciting blockchain technology has been drowned out.

The profits are real… and happening now. It’s definitely created a buzz.

But what about the technology itself?

Well, it’s developing about as well as can be expected. Every day, new advances are announced.

A bipartisan bill in Colorado proposes using blockchain tech to protect state data.

Developers of TrueBit, a smart contract that scales transaction computations through interactive verification, were able to move Doge coins to the Ethereum network and back again. Once the technology is fully developed, it could allow a degree of scalability currently out of Ethereum’s reach.

American Express has applied for a patent to use blockchain tech to boost transaction speed.

None of this is surprising.

There are thousands of developers around the world working on new blockchain technologies. The companies that employ them announce their breakthroughs with as much fanfare as possible, in hopes of attracting both funding and top-caliber engineers to their projects.

Yet it seems that cryptocurrency is garnering as many detractors as enthusiasts and eager investors. Here are three rules to explain why this is happening.

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