Forex trading has emerged as one of the best ways to make extra income in the last couple of decades. Even now, millennials are beginning to use it to augment their retirement income. Online trading was once very popular with the younger generation. It is still one of the most popular ways of making money online today, probably just behind affiliate marketing.

Online trading has also led to the emergence of several other trading-related services. Some of the most common services include trading robots, ‘signal’ services, and financial trading education websites.

While the education websites will most likely advocate for active/involved trading, trading robot developers tend to insinuate that trading can be easily automated in such a way that it becomes a ‘plug and play’ activity that continuously generates income for traders.

Well, that implication does more or less suggest that Forex trading can easily be turned into one of the best sources of passive income online. However, “passive income online” is a phrase that has been variously interpreted, with most of those interpretations coming short of the truth.

Derek Gehl of has debunked the myths surrounding passive income online and according to his findings, the path leading to this kind of financial freedom is a long and treacherous one. His discussion on the subject warns against the potential of being caught up in a pipe dream while trying to establish ways of making money online without any involvement.

From an investing perspective, vehicles such as real estate and mutual funds are some of the few ideal examples of earning a passive income. With these two, you are barely involved in the business in a practical capacity.

All you have to do is identify the amount of money you would like to put in an investment and then sit back and wait for the checks to hit your mailbox. Or better still, with advances in technology, wait for the money to digitally hit your bank account.

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