Since the emergence of online trading and betting platforms, brokers have sought ways to keep attracting players and investors on their platforms. While it is almost impossible to fashion out any significant benefits and features from one broker to another, they are not entirely indistinguishable. In most cases, the nitty-gritty is found within the terms and conditions of the broker/platform.

For instance, several brokerage platforms offer a welcome bonus to their new clients, which normally range between 50% and 100%. In some platforms such as in the gambling industry, the sign-up bonus can go as high as 200% as you can see here.

Now, while most brokers and betting platforms offer several lucrative sign-up bonuses; these do not come without strings attached. As such, many traders and players have ended up complaining of being cheated by their broker after failing to complete a withdrawal of the bonus and at times the associated profits.

So, is your broker really a cheat or is it just you who has been ignorant of the terms and conditions that traders must comply with in order to actually experience the benefits associated with the bonus.

Here is why you need not call your broker a cheat before reading through the terms and conditions that govern the withdrawal of the cash bonus given upon signing up to the trading platform.

Most people tend to brush through the T&Cs when signing up for a trading account. However, it is imperative that you read keenly through the terms and conditions because here is where most brokers put the strings that they attach to their lucrative promotional offers.

For instance, most brokers often require traders to reach a certain trading volume in order to withdraw the cash bonus given to them when signing up. On the other hand, some brokers actually do not allow traders to make any withdrawals including their deposit before meeting the trading volume requirements, which in some platforms ranges from 20x to 40x the bonus amount.

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