The post-oil economy is here to stay for a while. Why wouldn’t governments and major trade associations of any exporting nation embrace national mandates to all out campaigns to quadruple local exports of goods and services…drive exportability centric agendas, helping local SMEs to deploy all free technologies and global access to catapult exporting revenues and bring local prosperity. It is simple logic; it can be achieved but why it’s being neglected? Here is the proof and key strategies…

For so long the notion of shipping to few countries qualifies being global, exporters all over the world must now re-explore new untapped universe of 200 plus countries, studded with 10,000 cities and buzzing with 5 billion online connected inhabitants.

The new global landscape has dramatically changed and exportability of goods and services with boundary-less innovative entrepreneurial excellence is becoming the new phenomena. Why shouldn’t trading with 100 plus countries be the new standard? Why shouldn’t creating global alliances spanning 200 cities be the new qualifiers? What are the key hurdles that must be conquered

Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited amount of exports in many horizontal and vertical markets.

Fact: Well designed and high quality goods are worthy of quadrupled volumes.

Fact: The well trained entrepreneurial talent of Pakistan is capable of such volumes.

Fact: The new global age skills, knowledge and execution styles are the serious missing links.

Quadrupling exports is far easier, but getting rid of myopic thinking is much harder. Today’s revolutionary times demand revolutionary actions; future problems demand future tools and futuristic thinking is a must. Because tomorrow is already today, we cannot be burdened with yesterday. It is time to act now or simply become irrelevant. Opportunity is everywhere and opportunity is everything we make it.

Mega ideas are now possible; amazing platforms are now possible; they can be mobilized on fast tracks basis with profitability and affordability, but they demand the right global age skills. The question then becomes, how? Game changers helping game changers are the way of the future, and these game changers are the only way to escape the stagnant and old economic models. Massive growth is now possible with wider and bolder imagination. The mind is hardwired like the universe and willing and ready to explore endless possibilities. Its span is limitless!

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