Long-time readers of The Gold Update know that our microphones are just about everywhere as we return to those placed inside the Salzburg clinical offices of esteemed analyst in the psychosis of precious metals, Dr. Youara Nichtsogut…

Dr. Nichtsogut“Ahhh, Sister Silver, such the honourable surprise is this! Your good man Gold was here October last, suffering from CEUD.”

Silver, (preferring to stand rather than lie upon the couch)“CEUD, Doc?”

Dr. Nichtsogut“Chronic Extreme Undervalaution Depression. I suppose this, too, is why you are here?”

Silver“You can nix the fancy lingo, Doc. I’ve fallen off the radar and am forever wearing this industrial metal jacket. Day after day I watch Gold being priced at better than 80 times myself, while I can’t even find my way out of the 16s. I’ve come close to having to hock my precious metal pinstripes just to survive. I tell ya, Doc, I get no respect.”

Dr. Nichtsogut“Oh you like Dangerfield, do you? We once had a patient…”

Silver (interrupting)“I’m being viewed as danger instead of being outstanding in my field.”

Dr. Nichtsogut:“Ok, Sister. Let’s look at your chart…

…ya, ya, ya, your problem is obvious: 38 days of SPE … uh, that’s Single Price Entrapment. Our records indicate that you last had a 53-day run of SPE during 2005 when you were stuck in the 7s. The good news of course is that you’re better than twice as high that level today here in the 16s!”

Silver“Yeah, that’s cute, Doc, but I was seven times as high at 49 back in 2011.”

Dr. Nichtsogut“And so again shall you be, my dear. Just stay positive. Now, our time being up, that will be two 1893 Morgan Dollars, please…”

Silver“In yer dreams, Doc!” (leaves in a huff, slamming door)

Dr. Nichtsogut“She always was a head-strong child…”

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