I’ve got some interesting articles for you below and in full disclosure I also own shares in Silver Bull which is showcased by Bob Moriarty of 321Gold in his article below.

This was a wild week in the markets with the financial markets tanking and gold break strongly to the upside.

While gold has still not broken out, it is very, very close.

From the chart above you can see this Head and Shoulder pattern has been forming for 4 to 5 years.

Using $1050 as the low and the shoulder at $1380 or so, we can project a target price in gold of $1710.

When this breakout in gold does occur, resource shares will finally play catchup.

For me, there is only one way to play this ‘game’ by investing in quality junior mining companies and/or long-term stock warrants trading on those companies.

Between the Canadian Database and the U.S. Database, we have around 250 exciting opportunities with stock warrants trading, investors are finding great opportunities with warrants on the U.S. stocks in resources, marijuana/cannabis, blockchain, bio-techs, pharmaceuticals, banking, blank check companies, etc.

The next several years, 2018 – 2020 will see some exciting times in the PM sector and I am looking to make a fortune. Do you want to follow me? Let’s have some fun and make money together.

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