TM Editors’ Note: This article discusses one or more penny stocks and/or microcaps. Such stocks are easily manipulated – do your own careful due diligence.

Last week, Isodiol International (ISOL.CN) (ISOLF) was one of the top performing cannabis stocks, rallying more than 150%. We believe this rally is just getting started.

Following Constellation Brands’ investment into one of Isodiol’s strategic partners, Canopy Growth Corp (WEED.TO) (TWMJF), we became even more bullish on the company’s long-term outlook.

Isodiol is a global bioactive phytoceutical innovator specialized in the development of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. The company continues to increase its global footprint and execute on a diverse array of initiatives.

Phytoceutical Division is Positioned for Growth

In late October, Isodiol announced that its Phytoceutical division will launch the market’s first non-cannabis, highly bioactive cannabinoid, CBD, derived from the Hops plant. We were bullish on this development and viewed it as a breakthrough as Isodiol expects to launch the first product in December.

This breakthrough is significant and will help Isodiol expand the distribution of its portfolio of CBD products. We believe that the development of the technology to extract cannabinoids from a plant other than a cannabis plant, is a remarkable achievement and continue to monitor how Isodiol executes from here.

Sourcing natural, highly bioactive cannabinoids to supplement the endocannabinoid system in the human body is the key to developing targeted health care remedies. Isodiol will continue to work with some of the top universities and alternative health facilities in the world to validate the science.

Hot Start to the Month of November

Isodiol started off the month of November hot and the company has shown no signs of slowing down.

On November 1st, Isodiol entered an agreement with Nutritional High (EAT.CN) (SPLIF) and expanded its reach and committed distribution licenses for its Pot-O-Coffee brands in Oregon, Washington, Illinois and Colorado. Under the agreement, Nutritional High will complete the final stage of manufacturing by infusing its cannabis into the product and will provide a royalty to Isodiol.

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