So far this sell-off that has lasted six of the last seven trading sessions has been anemic at best.

That stat is of course assuming that SPX finishes lower on the day, which it has been vacillating between positive and negative territory. Nonetheless, the volume today is one of the lowest readings of 2018. There is little to no interest at all in this market today. 

While that continues to be the case, I suspect, that traders will take great interest tomorrow after the FOMC Statement is released at 2pm eastern. Once that comes out, and let me remind you, it is Jerome Powell’s first FOMC as Fed Chairman, the market should see increased price swings and volatility. 

For now, know what is on the list below, and what stocks you’d like to short, should the market sell-off after his statement. Preparation will be key going into tomorrow. 

Here’s the bearish list of short setups:

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