LEO International Payment System and IBOX BANK transactional bank have recently become new members of the US-Ukraine Business Council, i.e. one of the oldest non-governmental organizations working in the field of economic cooperation between Ukraine and the United States of America. The Business Council was founded in 1995.
The US-Ukraine Business Council acts not only as a mediator between American investors and Ukrainian businesses but also as an economic and political consultant within the frames of relations between the governments of Ukraine and the United States of America.
“It is worth noting that the US-Ukraine Business Council is an authoritative organization that develops the sector of investments from the USA in Ukraine. By becoming one of the representatives of the financial market in the structure of USUBC participants, we managed to demonstrate one more time all the prospects of the Ukrainian financial industry, as in the field of banks, as well as in the field of non-bank financial institutions,” said CEO of LEO International Payment System and shareholder of IBOX BANK, Alona Shevtsova.
The main goal of USUBC is comprehensive and productive communication between the governments and businesses of both countries, which will help to develop investment and trade relations.
We would like to remind the audience that already in March 2021, the LEO International Payment System was introduced by the National Bank of Ukraine in the list of important payment systems in Ukraine. In addition, already by the end of 9 months of 2021, it managed to increase the number of transactions by 147%. It is also known that by the end of 3 quarters of 2021, IBOX BANK has increased the volume of funds of legal entities more than two-fold.

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