It has been quite a long time since my last investment into the stock market. But yesterday I took the chance of the decent drop of General Mills, to add 32 shares to my already existing position; in total I have now 57 shares of GIS.

After all I bought 32 shares at a price of 45.51 USD, this makes it a yield of 4.31%. This will add 62.72 USD to my annual dividend income, considering the current yearly dividend of 1.96 USD. In total I do now have 57 shares of General Mills in my portfolio, which will give me a total dividend income of 111.72 USD.

A few words as to General Mills. It is company which is a restructuring phase, but I am confident that it will succeed and find its way back to growth. The company has increased the dividend for 14 years but has frozen the dividend for the next 2 years. Nevertheless the outlook for the next few years looks stable, so I am not expecting any dividend cuts.

All in all you also have to says that especially the food sector is currently suffering a little bit, and you can really find some cheap companies out there. But yeah that’s the life cycle of stock market; last year it was the retail sector, this year it seems that it is the food sector.


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