Shares of Snap, Inc. (SNAP) tumbled yesterday after Rihanna protested an ad that made light of an assault that her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown made on her. The singer urged fans to get rid of the app because of an ad that was created by a third-party online game known as “Would You Rather”. The advert asked users, “would prefer to slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown”. Brown was sentenced in 2009 to community service after pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna.

Rihanna took to Instagram to condemn Snapchat, a move that saw the shares of the company lose $800 million in value. “I’d love to call it ignorance, but I know you ain’t that dumb! You spent money to animate something that would intentionally bring shame to DV victims and made a joke of it!!!”, Rihanna wrote. Following her comments shares of Snap have now deflated by 4% to trade at $17.26.

Snap blocked the ad calling it “disgusting” and one which should “never have appeared.” The company through a spokesman said it was so sorry for the terrible error of giving the ad an okay in its review process. The spokesman added that it would never happen again and Snap was looking into how that came to happen.

The RnB singer dismissed Snapchat’s apology and accused the company of intentionally shaming victims of domestic violence. She appeared to urge her fans to delete the social media app in her second post. “This isn’t about my personal feelings, cause I don’t have much of them . . . but all the women, children and men that have been victims of DV in the past and especially the ones who haven’t made it out yet . . . you let us down! Shame on you. Throw the whole app-oligy away.”

Rihanna is the second celebrity this year whose comments about the social media app have negatively affected its shares. Last month, television-reality star Kylie Jenner had shares of the company lose $1.3 billion in value when she Twitted that she was not so much into the app.

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