Every New York stock exchange trading day I’m posting a daily dividend stock or fund review. I’ll share the three chief qualities of just one equity or fund that could be selected for a dividend stock portfolio I’ve named the Safari to Sweet Success.

This week my Safari portfolio is open to a company from the Healthcare sector.

The Healthcare sector includes ten industries all related to testing, diagnosing and treating what ails us. The healthcare industries are: biotechnology; diagnostics & research; drug manufacturers – major and- specialty & generic; healthcare plans; long-term care facilities; medical care; medical devices, medical distribution; medical supplies.

Today I’m reviewing a diagnostics & research company. It’s a mid-cap stock, Sonic Healthcare Limited Its trading ticker symbol is SKHCF.

Sonic Healthcare Limited provides medical diagnostic and administrative services and facilities to medical practitioners. The company’s business segments include Laboratory, Imaging and Other.

It has operations in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Ireland.

The company was formerly known as Sonic Technology Australia Limited and changed its name to Sonic Healthcare Limited in November 1995. The company is headquartered in Macquarie Park, Australia

Three key data points measure dividend equities or funds likeSonic Healthcare Limited (SKHCF): 

(1) Price

(2) Dividends

(3) Returns

After those three, four more keys will unlock an equity or fund in which to invest.

Those first three primary keys, however, best tell whether a company has made, is making, and will make money.


Sonic Healthcare’s price at Friday’s market close was $18.17 per share.A year ago its price was $15.65. That is a gain of $3.52 per share in the past year. 

Assuming Sonic Healthcare’s price gains at the same pace this year, its price would grow from $15.65 to $19.17 by March 2019.

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