Stocks muddled through today, closing nearly unchanged with a little dead cat bounce in the FANGs.

Oil lost ground despite a larger than expected drawdown in crude. The larger than expected build in gasoline put a damper on that short term enthusiasm.

The Washington Circus continued playing its tunes to itself today.

A vote in the House today to impeach President Trump was defeated 364 to 58. Way too early. lol.

Gold and silver took the usual early morning hits and then floundered sideways for the rest of the day. I ascribe this action to the pre-Non-Farm payrolls jimmy-jive. The regulation of US markets is near an all time low in my judgement. 

The rest of the leaves from the big oaks dropped in a passing storm last night. The yard looks like I have not touched it at all. Well, one more good session and I think I can put the mower away and bring out the snowblower and get it ready.

The young man is coming to spend some time here for the next couple days. He has been working weekends on his research projects. I took Dolly to the groomer— she was not pleased.She is pouting on her pillow. But she needed it.And I was tired of stepping on the acorn tops she has been dragging in with her tail on the kitchen floor.That is no fun in bare feet.

And so there is sweet and sour meatball soup on the stove, and it looks to be coming together nicely.


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