My Swing Trading Approach

I added one new position, while subtracting another, Bank of America (BAC), for a 4.2% profit. I will look to add one additional position before the end of the day today, should the market hold up. 


  • VIX – VIX breaking down with its lowest closing since March 21st. Down 8,7% yesterday, and breaking down through recent price consolidation. 
  • T2108 (% of stocks trading below their 40-day moving average): Indicator was flat following the end of day selling in the market that took it from being well in the green, down into the negative. 
  • Moving averages (SPX?): The 20-day moving average was broken yesterday, which was huge for the market bulls. Now the 50-day looms large, and anysolid rally should see a test of that MA. 
  • Industries to Watch Today

    Technology and Financials led the market higher yesterday, while Industrials and Healthcare did quite well too.  Utilities saw a significant amount of selling yesterday, and is on the verge of breaking down and ruining the bullish basing pattern it had been working on.

    My Market Sentiment

    The 20-day moving average was broken yesterday, which was a big deal, as that moving average had previously served as significant resistance. The looming Syria attack is looming large on the market, and while the market is showing a strong amount of bullishness right now, the headline risk could easily change that.

    S&P 500 Technical Analysis

    Current Stock Trading Portfolio Balance

  • 4 Long Positions
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