Twitter (TWTR) is moving higher after the new CFO Ned Segal sat down with Mad Money host Jim Cramer Tuesday night to see what’s ahead for the social media giant. During the interview, Segal told Cramer that “We do feel a sense of humility, but we also know that everybody in the world could benefit from what happens on Twitter.” Segal, who replaced past CFO Anthony Noto this past July, told CNBC that the company is “focused on helping its users find out what’s happening in the world that’s important to them.” During the interview, Segal told Cramer that he is “blown away” by all the news that breaks on Twitter, but he noted that there is a lot of work to be done on machine learning, the health of the platform, video engagement and business solutions.

LOTS OF WORK TO DO: Segal sees a lot of runway for unearthing relevant information for users “whether it’s local news or headlines from far away that they still care about.”

RID PLATFORM OF DISTRACTIONS: During the interview, Segal noted that a big prerogative for the company is to get rid of trolls and “hate-fueled bots.”

VIDEO CONTENT: The CFO noted that video is an integral part of Twitter’s strategy. “Video’s a big part of the overall strategy,” he told Cramer. “If we want to help you know what’s happening in the world that you might care about and if we want to help you share what’s important to you, video’s going to be a big component of it. “Similarly, it’s part of creating the data that we then are able to sell to companies.”

ADVERTISING POTENTIAL: Segal talked about the potential for advertising revenue during the interview. “We’ve got all these local businesses that are on Twitter, but they’re not advertising on Twitter the way that they might on other platforms, mostly because we just haven’t made it easy for them,” Segal said. “We’ve done a lot of work there recently to create a subscription product for them so that they can advertise easier on Twitter, but there’s still a lot of work to do to get more of them on Twitter today.”

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