PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk is engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of consumer goods including soaps, detergents, margarine, dairy-based foods, ice cream, cosmetics, tea, other beverages and fruit juice.

It is the market leader in Home and Personal Care contributing 68% of revenues while 32% is from Food and Refreshments.

Business Description

UNVR offers home care and hygiene products in fabric cleaning, fabric care, oral and household care groups that are embodied by its high-profile brands, Rinso, Molto, Pepsodent, and Sunlight. Its personal care brands are in daily hair care, mass-market skin care, skin cleansing and deodorant groups that include Axe, Ponds, Dove, Clear, Sunsilk, and Rexona.

It also delivers food and beverage brands such as Lipton Tea, Wall’s ice cream, Buavita juices, Bango soy sauce, and Blue Band bread spread.

UNVR’s over 40 brands are sold through 800 independent distributors, own centers, satellite warehouses, depots and other facilities across Indonesia. It operates 9 factories including a Personal Care plant in Rungkut, East Java, food and home care plant in Jababeka, Central Java.

With the implementation of zero-based budgeting which involves flexible budgets, operations have minimized costs while protecting profitability. Personal care ads are now in social media instead of television, helping to reach target audience with most cost-efficient digital marketing methods.


Maurits Daniel Rudolf Lalisang is the current President Commissioner of UNVR and has been in this position since 2014. He joined Unilever and has served in many roles including President Director before being appointed the current role. He graduated from the University of Indonesia with a degree in Business administration. In 2010, he was selected as the CEO of the Year by Bisnis Indonesian.

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