My Swing Trading Approach

Right now, I have plenty of trades to work with in the portfolio. I may still add more to the portfolio, but I want to see how this morning’s weakness plays out. If necessary,I will begin booking gains, and even consider a short position if this market decides to roll back over again. 


  • VIX – Starting the slow decline lower, having dropped four out of the last five days. Very possible the VIX drops back below 20 this week. 
  • T2108 (% of stocks trading below their 40-day moving average): Still a very extreme reading at 18. A nice 23% rally yesterday, but there is plenty of room to run still, if this market chooses to do so. 
  • Moving averages (SPX): Reclaimed the 50-day moving average, while the 10-day crossed over the 50-day, to the downside. 
  • Industries to Watch Today

    Each sector finished higher, led by Basic Materials and Energy. Charts for Technology, Financials and Industrials look the healthiest right now. 

    My Market Sentiment

    Healthy, much needed follow through yesterday. Even if this is simply a dead cat bounce, they can still will last 3-4 days before resuming the downtrend. 

    S&P 500 Technical Analysis

    Current Stock Trading Portfolio Balance

  • 5 Long positions
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