US Dollar Forecast: US Dollar Outlook Hinges on the Severity of Coming Market Turmoil

The US Dollar has been of two minds about its response to brutal market turmoil. The severity of further bloodletting will be decisive from here.

Japanese Yen Forecast: Japanese Yen Looks to US PCE and Continuing Trade Developments

The Japanese Yen rose amidst aggressive risk aversion last week which, fueled by white house developments. Next one could be a wildcard depending on the responses and US PCE.

British Pound Forecast: Foundations in Place for Further Sterling Gains

Sterling traders received a batch of positive news this week leaving GBP underpinned and ready to push higher.

Australian Dollar ForecastAustralian Dollar Looks Mired In Growing Trade-War Worries

The Australian Dollar is sensitive to the global growth cycle so a backdrop of trade-war worries and a lack of domestic numbers probably don’t make for a strong week.

Crude Oil Forecast: Oil Bulls Back in a Big Way as Prices Thrust Towards Three-Year Highs

Oil prices put in a strong week of performance as a plethora of factors helped to push prices higher.

Equities Forecast: The Scene is Likely to Get Uglier for Global Equity Markets

Last week saw aggressive selling in global equities, conditions look headed to get worse in the week ahead.

Gold Forecast: Gold Prices Bid as Markets Sell-off, Trump Tariffs Stoke Haven Demand

Gold prices broke through the March highs this week amid concerns of a looming global trade war. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter from here.

Weekly Trading Forecast: White House Eyed Amid Market Meltdown

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