The annual ‘Consumer Electronics Show Conference’ took place to showcase gadgets last week in the magical Las Vegas. There is always a lot of hype for the CES, since it is the most-anticipated tech showcase, but did any of the gadgets stand-out? The CES has been criticized for loosing momentum, but there were some products that did stand-out, even though they aren’t the products that will revolutionize the industry, like the iPhone or iPad once did. The top gadgets that might interest consumers were

Fitbit Flex fitness band: Fitbit is a wearable fitness tracker, but what makes it different from the existing ones like Nike-Fuel Band? The main feature differences are that Fitbit tracks you while you sleep and has Bluetooth 4.0. Also, you can choose upon different colors if you want it to be more trendy, it is water-proof, it shows different lights t indicate  how close you are in achieving your daily goal, it has a vibrating alarm clock if you wish to wake up for a run without bothering your partner, and most importantly, it can share your data with other apps so you can compare with your friends and make it more competitive. So, if you live by the motto“being strong is the new skinny”or simply believe that being fit is a lifestyle, you will love Fitbit.
Pebble: The Pebble,considered the next big thing, since it might start the trend of wearable smart-watches. The pebble has bluetooth-powered apps that interlines with consumers iOS or Andriod smart phone.  

Roku Cable: Internet streaming boxes are nothing new, they have been out there for a while, but now Roku is trying to satisfy those consumers who have wanted to have always wanted to watch their home channels wherever they go. TimeWarner, has teamed up with Roku, so their subscribers can tune in. Roku is also with TV brands to deliver “Roku ready” TV bundles. Only time will tell if streaming boxes,like Roku, will kill Cable-therefore smart move by cable companies to join in if they can’t beat them. 

Oculus Rift: Most who have attempted creating Virtual Reality headsets have failed, but there is hype over Oculus Rift, since its been said by those who tried it that they finally got it right. It has been described as, “one of the most  immersive virtual reality gaming experiences”. Oculus Rift is definitely expected to be the next big thing in gaming, it provides users the experience of looking through the eyes of an avatar, not just staring into a screen like other similar products.

Did you look into the CES, was there any other gadgets able to stand-out?

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