Black Friday (Thursday?) is quickly approaching, and whether you see it as a daylong spend-a-thon or a blight on American consumer culture, the fact remains—it can be crazy out there. Last week, I asked what were some of the craziest Black Friday moments you’ve ever witnessed, and wow… just wow. I was able to glean some knowledge and tips from your collective wisdom and lived experiences to help prepared you for the sales-fueled battlefield ahead.

Don’t swarm retail workers (or dive for laptops)

When I worked at Best Buy we would pass out slips for the laptops about an hour before the store opened. As I was walking down the line, the line decided to curl around me and enclose me in the crowd. I immediately realized what had happened and tucked the slips and said no more. Customers started grabbing me and yanking the slips from my hands. Fortunately a taller and wider coworker was already on his way to save me or things could have been crazy.

That’s actually the same year I hit a lady in the face with a laptop because she decided to dive for the last one right as I was picking it up.

via MistaButters

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