The market has had a solid seven days of upward price action. 

Not every day has been ideal or even bullish, but the overall picture has been. 

And really, price action isn’t even getting carried away – not like what we saw in January. So right now, Syria, North Korea, and the Chinese Tariffs are becoming less of an issue, and that means the headline risk is becoming less, and the VIX is responding by hitting levels not seen since early March. 

All positives for this market at large

However, not all is bright and sunny for the stock market. There are are a number of stocks that are not participating in this rally, namely the financials, which have not responded well to the earnings that have come out so far. 

So swap out those financials and start buying some tech stocks. 

I’ve managed to put together a list of stocks that you can use to, should you decide to short this market. Stocks like New York Times (NYT) really stink to high-heaven. But they aren’t the only ones. Plenty more where that came from – just check out the list below. 

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