According to Apple rumor website, 9to5 Mac, Apple (AAPL) will announce its new line of products on March 15th. This release will include new wristbands for the Apple Watch and the new iPhone 5SE.

The iPhone 5SE will have a 4-inch screen, which may appeal to consumers who do not want their phone to take up as much space as the iPhone 6 and 6s. The 5SE will be priced the same as the current iPhone 5S, starting at $450 for a 16gb model. The 5SE will include an updated A9 chip; improved cameras and it will support Apple Pay. Physically, the 5SE will strongly resemble the 5S, however, it may have curvier edges. Unlike the current 5S, the 5SE will be able to support iOS updates for the next few years.

Forbes contributor, Ewan Spence, explains that Apple will have to be careful to not make the same mistake they made with the iPhone 5C in marketing the 5SE. Many people believed that the iPhone 5C served as a cheap, budget version of the iPhone and, therefore, perceived it a low-performance device when in reality it was a mid-range phone. In order for the 5SE to succeed, Apple needs to communicate that it is still a high-performance device. Spence continues to explain that Apple has had a tough time telling their “product’s story.” For example, consumers were not sure if the iPad Pro was intended to replace their laptop or whether or not the Apple Smart Case is a necessity.

It will be interesting to see how the new iPhone will be received, and whether or not it really will address consumer demands for an up to date iPhone that takes up less space.

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