ECRI’s WLI Growth Index which forecasts economic growth six months forward remains in expansion.

Analyst Opinion of the trends of the weekly leading indices

Even with the continuing decline in this index, the forecast is for modest growth six months from today.

Here is this week’s update on ECRI’s Weekly Leading Index (note – a positive number indicates growth):

Coincident Index:

ECRI produces a monthly coincident index – a positive number shows economic expansion. The February index value (issued in March) shows the rate of economic growth was little changed.

ECRI produces a monthly inflation index – a positive number shows increasing inflation pressure. Inflation pressures marginally declined in March.

U.S. Future Inflation Gauge:.

ECRI produces a monthly Lagging index. The January economy’s rate of growth (released in February) showed the rate of growth marginally declined.

U.S. Lagging Index:

source: ECRI

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