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ADP Employment numbers will take center stage

Looking at the upcoming Wednesday session, the ADP numbers will more than likely be the biggest mover of markets. With this, you have to look at the US stock markets in general. We also recognize that the Crude Oil Inventory number will be very important as to where that particular market goes as it has been so volatile lately.

Looking for buying opportunities in oil…

Looking at the WTI Crude Oil for buying opportunities is what we are thinking during the day on Wednesday. The market will get the Inventories numbers during the session today, and this of course could be the mover of this market. With this, we are buyers of calls on short-term charts that show signs of bouncing, as we believe the longer-term trend is starting to change.

Chart 1


USD/CAD the looks ready to bounce again

The USD/CAD pair bounced off of the 1.31 level during the course of the session on Tuesday, and now looks ready to go higher. With this we are buyers of calls in this market as long as we can stay above the aforementioned 1.31 handle. We believe that sooner or later the market should break out to the upside but in the meantime anticipate consolidation.

chart 2

Silver forms a shooting star

Silver tried to rally on Tuesday, but pullback to form a shooting star. With this, if we can break down below the low of the Monday session, we would be buyers of puts as the market should then head back down towards the $14 handle.

Chart 3


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