German Industrial Production

On the day when the biggest announcement is the German Industrial Production numbers, the reality is that we will more or less be technically driven at this point in time. We believe that the markets will be fairly quiet, and after the volatility from the jobs number disappears, we should continue to see follow-through on the various trends and movements that we have been following for some time.

CAC offering value

At the €4500 level, the CAC should see plenty of support. With this, we are looking for short-term supportive candles or bounces in order to serve buying calls. We believe this market will then head to at least the €4600 level, if not the €4700 level.

Chart 1

USD/JPY showing resilience

Although this pair fell significantly during the session on Friday, we did bounce a bit towards the end and it now appears that the buyers are still very much in the market. With this, we are buyers of calls as we believe that this market should head back to the 120 handle given enough time, and then eventually reach towards the 122 handle.

chart 2

DAX looking for support

The DAX sits just above the €10,000 level, and therefore should find support at that large round number. With this, we are buyers of calls, as we believe the DAX is eventually going to try to push and break out above the €10,400 level.

Chart 3

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