I don’t dare. I don’t dare one bit. 

This market appears destined to test and possibly break support on SPX at 1812. Until that happens, I have no desire to touch a long position with a 10 foot pole. 

However, I know that there are those traders out there that are forever going to buy the dip. And regardless of the market, I always keep a bullish and bearish watch-list, just in case there is a sudden shift in the market. If that happens, I always want to be prepared. 

I scrub this list every day, adding to and subtracting from it. But for your week ahead, this is a great starter list to build your own watch-list of stocks to consider trading and building upon. 

Be careful in this market though, as the charts suggest on the indices that this market could easily head much lower this week. 

Here’s my  bullish list of setups:

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