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With only the German Industrial Production numbers coming out during the day on Tuesday, it’s very likely that the markets will be relatively quiet in general. With that being the case, the market will more than likely be fairly straightforward during the day, and some of the moves that we’ve seen recently should be continued as there really isn’t a whole lot out there to move the markets.

1 – Precious metals continue to be very strong, as the world is starting to become very concerned about several economic issues. While the US dollar has held its own, the reality is that there is enough uncertainty out there that it appears that a bit of a safety bid has presented itself.

2 – Energy slump a little bit during the day, and we are still very bearish. We believe in buying puts on breakdowns, and of course short-term rallies and show signs of exhaustion. We believe that energy markets will continue to struggle over the longer term, there just isn’t enough demand out there at this point in time.

3 – European indices fell, and it looks as if stock markets will continue to be punished. With that, we believe that both the FTSE and the DAX looks very vulnerable at this moment, and should Dragon the rest of Europe lower. Rallies at this point in time should end up being put buying opportunities in most European stock indices as we have most certainly entered a “risk off” type of environment recently.

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