It’s dividend income update time. One of my favorite times of the month as I get to review my previous month of passive income received from my dividend income portfolios.

Without rehashing the wild ride we experienced in the market last month, I could find comfort in one thing, my dividends. As we all know, the market may move up and down irrationally and seemingly on a whim while our dividends remain much more stable, reliable and predictable. Sure, dividends may not increase every year and a cut or elimination is even possible but the odds are greatly reduced when you diversify among different companies and sectors and focus on dividend quality (free cash flow, EPS and payout ratios). Forget chasing the high yield unicorns and focus on the boring lower yielding but sustainable dividends. In the long run you’ll be better off. With that being said, let’s take a look at my August 2017 dividend totals.

Dividend income from my taxable account totaled $320.16 up from $283.14 an increase of 13.1% from August of last year.

Dividend income from my ROTH account totaled $215.43 up from $188.05 an increase of 14.6% from this time last year.

Dividend income from my IRA account totaled $122.63 up from $98.93, a year over year increase of 24.0%.

Grand total for the month of August: $658.22 an increase of 15.5% from August 2016.

Brokerage Account

Year to date dividends: $2,821.64

Date Description Symbol Amount 08/01/2017 DIVIDEND:GIS GIS $54.74 08/04/2017 DIVIDEND:BCR BCR $1.05 08/04/2017 DIVIDEND:CLX CLX $11.88 08/04/2017 DIVIDEND:YUM YUM $17.91 08/14/2017 DIVIDEND:APD APD $38.72 08/15/2017 DIVIDEND:CL CL $7.17 08/15/2017 DIVIDEND:HRL HRL $5.85 08/15/2017 DIVIDEND:ABBV ABBV $86.88 08/15/2017 DIVIDEND:ABT ABT $21.00 08/15/2017 DIVIDEND:PG PG $13.35 08/17/2017 DIVIDEND:ADNT ADNT $1.84 08/21/2017 DIVIDEND:VSM VSM $1.00 08/21/2017 DIVIDEND:CAT CAT $58.77       Total: $320.16
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