As a result of the upsurge in interest there are more and more companies interested in Forex, all the more under the conditions of the world financial crisis, as many other financial market segments at best stand as “air bags” and at worst, as high risk ventures. New players in the Forex market are not able to demonstrate dynamics of development due to the strength and power of experienced participants. Despite the evident attractiveness of the market for new players, ranking within the market remains a rather stable construction. Forex is still divided into three main groups: experienced players, who have been trading at the market for more than 10 years, “middle-weight” players appeared in the years of a relaxed competitive environment, and beginners with less than two years experience. However, there are trends dropped from the general outline in each settled order of items. The brightest representative of them is an international online broker – InstaForex. The company stormed into Forex market two years ago, and soon obtained the right to be called one of the world’s leading Forex brokers.

As many other newbies who enter the market, InstaForex set itself up as versatile broker providing a full range of trading instruments. Obviously, it is necessary to enter current Forex markets head-on and not with the minimum range of options, as the competitive landscape in this segment is close to its peak, if not already reached.
However, in contrast to the majority of newbies who announce a full range of trading instruments, InstaForex has been offering the full set of services which were highly evaluated by the clients since the first days of trading. All these show thorough and fundamental preparation of InstaForex for market taming.

Since the early days, InstaForex has offered clients a wide range of trading instruments and nowadays their clients use 107 currency instruments, 34 CFD on American shares and gold. At the same time the company does not limit the deposit amount. A client may deposit just $1. Traders may choose the leverage ratio from 1:1 to 1:500, two accounts types: with spread and without, instant deals’ execution, instant account replenishment and charging six percent annual interest rate on uncommitted funds. However, not only trading conditions which ease has already been evaluated by more than 100,000 traders all over the world, but also a number of other important factors predetermined the success rate of the InstaForex brand. InstaForex conducts competent and strategically regulated marketing policy within the framework of which the InstaForex brand becomes not only more familiar and attractive but also represents the symbol of success and professionalism at market. The matter is not just in the successful company’s name and logotype for the niche of the online brokers. The winning stake on the key word “instant” and symbol of human and technology symbiosis cannot be denied. Success of InstaForex lies in the additional options and services which are efficiently connected with the basic trading conditions.

Trading conditions
First of all, the system of welcome bonuses is worth mentioning. Having replenished the trading account with $100 and up to $50,000 a trader may apply for a bonus of between $30 $5,000. However, welcome bonus is an effective marketing instrument but it cannot make trade-smart client join InstaForex. For the experienced trader, who has changed several brokers, special conditions and guarantees provided by the company seem to be more important. In the aforementioned aspects the company is in the first flight and in accordance with some positions is a pioneer. Among special offers for traders the following instruments should be mentioned: VIP-accounts with spread from one pip, swap free accounts, system of equal swaps for Buy and Sell deals. Funds withdrawal directly to the visa card and segregated accounts guaranteeing 100 percent safeguard of assets are really unique company’s services which do not have analogues among the other online exchange brokers.

One of the company’s mottos is “InstaForex – the world where challenge gives a move (push) to development”. This motto is used in the programme of InstaForex campaigns and contest promotions, and fully reflects its meaning. It is difficult to find another broker which gives so much attention to the marketing events. Currently InstaForex holds two campaigns and two regular contests; every participant can win up to $3,000 and a new Hummer H3. The total annual prize fund is more than $250,000. Each competitor advances his/her trading level with the help of the contests and as a result increases the quality and efficiency of his/her trading, that again proves the truth behind the motto “InstaForex is the world where challenge gives a move to development”.

Not the least important component of a Forex broker’s success is its ability to create the net of partners and representative offices in different parts of the world and arrange efficient work of all its units. InstaForex deals successfully with this task, having reached great results which even old brokers would dream of. At the moment average net income of InstaForex partner is more than $3,000 every month. The number of InstaForex Introducing Brokers exceeds 140 in 20 countries of the world. Back on the partnership programme InstaForex offers six different types of partnership: beginning with Introducing Broker and investment partnership types and ending with the certified educational project or web-representative partnership type. Stated differently, each person interested in the partnership with InstaForex will find the form of cooperation which is convenient for him or her. Within the framework of the partnership programmes there are favourite terms concerning partner’s award and provided materials (website, promoting production, educational and guide materials, certificates, diplomas etc). Besides primary activity – online trading services – InstaForex successfully develops other lines of activities. Thus, for instance, InstaForex manages educational online projects like, a summary review of information about Forex and trading techniques;, devoted to EAs; and InstaMediaGroup, an advertising agency.

To sum up, it is safe to say that InstaForex bursts into the world brokers’ elite that is proved by bare facts: best trading conditions, more than 100,000 clients, over 140 Introducing Brokers in 20 countries. InstaForex is an example of the company which managed to become one of the market leaders for two years owing to the competent strategy and efficient promoting policy. The time of recognition has come for InstaForex. Nowadays, InstaForex is acknowledged as a top brand in Asia according to World Finance.

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