Ahhhh, Labor Day. That bittersweet holiday where you gather with friends, fire up the Weber, crack open a few cold ones and ease off into the weekend. It’s a great time to celebrate the last great weekend of the summer. But for guys like me who crave those summer night, it’s a rough reminder that the warmest days are behind us and the fall is coming. For Chicago Bears fans like me, that means four months of frustration and misery.

The market isn’t exactly rallying into the close of summer either. Major market indexes have been under pressure for the last two week. Late into the trading day Friday, the Dow was off 2% while the S&P 500 flirted with the support at 1,915. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find winning stock ideas. But don’t despair, the Zacks Rank is here to help you uncover winning stocks in any market. In the spirit of Labor Day let’s play Peter Lynch and find some stocks that we know.

Heineken NV (HEINY – Snapshot Report)

I see what you’re drinking there. Feeling like an aristocrat going with the import beer. Look at you with your fancy pants on. Heineken N.V. is engaged in producing and distributing beverages. It offers beer, cider, soft drinks, and other beverages. The Company’s principal global brand is Heineken. Heineken N.V. is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Shares of HEINY had been bouncing around in a consolidation range between March and July. A great earnings report in August led to a breakout to new 52-week highs above $42.50. But the market took all that back and pushed shares into the middle of the range below $40. Looks like short term support sits at $38, about a dollar above the previous bottom.

Hormel Foods (HRL – Analyst Report)

If you’re going to be drinking beer, you should probably have something to eat too. Build yourself up a nice base. Perhaps some Lloyds Barbecue Ribs? Look no further than this food brand, Hormel. Hormel Foods Corporation is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer-branded meat and food products, many of which are among the best known and trusted in the food industry. Products manufactured by the corporation include hams, bacon, sausages, franks, canned luncheon meats, stews, chilies, hash, meat spreads, shelf-stable microwaveable entrees, salsas and frozen processed foods.

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