A Gallup poll conducted in May and June but just released today shows Majority of Greeks Say Adopting Euro Has Harmed Country 

 As the Greek debt crisis came to a head again earlier this summer, it’s no surprise that leaders in more solvent eurozone countries expressed doubts about Greece’s participation in the monetary union — but these doubts are also widespread among Greeks themselves. A majority of adults in the country — 55% — said in a poll conducted May 14-June 16 that they think converting from the Greek drachma to the euro in 2001 has harmed Greece, while one-third (34%) said the common currency has benefited the country.

Euro Question

In general, do you think changing this country’s currency to the euro has benefited or harmed Greece?

A question on EU membership shows the opposite result.

EU Question

In general, does membership in the European Union benefit or harm Greece?

The curious thing about the first poll is a huge majority of Greeks have said they want to stay on the euro. Perhaps we need a new poll.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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