The images were confronting of how people took to law enforcement in Ferguson. Meanwhile it has become clear that what happened there is about much more than just the death of one man, whether he was innocent or not.

Ultimately the people of Ferguson (and other US cities) are extremely dissatisfied with the increasingly tough living conditions in the United States of America. The American Dream has gone up in smoke faster than you can blink if you don’t have wealthy parents helping you.

One of the consequences is that there is not going to be any more middle class in America. The evolution went hand in hand with hundreds of thousands of jobs that were traditionally occupied by the middle class. Those jobs are not coming back as well.

Norway And The Disappearing Middle Class

The disappearing middle class is not a phenomenon that is limited to America, however. Advisor to the British government, David Boyle, stated in an interview with The Telegraph that this is also happening in the UK.

The situation is becoming quite serious and an increasing amount of British people will not own a home, for example, for the simple reason that they can no longer afford it. The rest of Europe awaits the same faith, although it differs per region.

Because the future does not look dark everywhere in Europe. Scandinavia is doing remarkably well, and Norway is an example to the whole world. The American Dream is alive and well although it is not in America and it has a Scandinavian accent.

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