Source: Admiral Markets MT5 with MT5SE Add-on

The NZD/USD has been in a steady uptrend with a progressive zig-zag pattern. At this point, the price is within the POC zone 0.7337-0.7348 and we could see a spike towards 0.7386 with a potential for 0.7420. However, if the price breaks below 0.7335 pay attention to POC2 0.7313-0.7325 as the POC2 is also a bouncing spot. Targets will remain the same. As long as W L4 holds -0.7280, bulls should be safe.

W L3 – Weekly Camarilla Pivot (Weekly Interim Support)

W H3 – Weekly Camarilla Pivot (Weekly Interim Resistance)

W H4 – Weekly Camarilla Pivot (Strong Weekly Resistance)

D H4 – Daily Camarilla Pivot (Very Strong Daily Resistance)

D L3 – Daily Camarilla Pivot (Daily Support)

D L4 – Daily H4 Camarilla (Very Strong Daily Support)

POC – Point Of Confluence (The zone where we expect price to react aka entry zone).

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