It is already April 2018 and the first three months of the year are already history. I just want to give you a quick update of my independence fund. Currently the portfolio has reached a size of 55 720.05 EUR or as promised $68 446.51 USD. The portfolio contains of 31 companies and three ETF’s so far.


This month I took advantage of the sell off of General Mills and I bought 32 shares at a price $45.51 USD. This adds $62.72 USD to my annual dividend income, considering the current yearly dividend of $1.96 USD. In total I do now have 57 shares of General Mills in my portfolio, which will give me a total dividend income of $111.72 USD.

Portfolio Overview

Due to recent uncertainty the portfolio lost value, but the good thing is that are now a couple of good opportunities out there. Especially, I am thinking now of adding some more companies from the utility sector to my portfolio. Also the weak USD is another good reason to add some stocks.

Dividend Income

Currently my full year dividend income is 1 639.98 EUR or $2 014.55 USD. Due to  recent investment and dividend increases already  this year I managed it to increase that rate. All in all I am very happy with the full year dividend income at this stage and I am hoping to reach 2 000 EUR by the end of the year.

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