Pundits just missed a $600 million signal that oil’s downward slide is over.

You see, oil “sages” everywhere are now calling for $40-$50 a barrel oil by mid-year. As proof, they call on vague rumors of a Saudi-Russia deal to cut oil production, costly shale oil producers collapsing, or the energy debt crisis.

But they’re overlooking one crucial thing – the main signal that oil prices are turning around.

You see, the largest move of its kind ever just took place in oil markets… $600 million worth in one day.

Pundits may have missed it, but that doesn’t mean you have to. It’s a clear sign that oil prices are turning around…

And that it’s time for you to get back in the game…

Oil Prices Are Artificially Deflated – For Now

While volatility in oil prices continues, a consensus is rising that the current slide is nearing its end. Daniel Yergin yesterday was the latest “sage” to say he expected crude in the range of $40-$50 a barrel by mid-year.

Of course, that still puts the price at less than half of where it stood in the summer of 2014, just before the collapse set in.

My algorithm to determine the “discount” on oil caused by distorting artificial manipulation puts it at $12 a barrel at close yesterday for WTI (the benchmark for oil futures contracts traded in New York).

With WTI closing yesterday at $31.72 a barrel, that effectively puts the actual market price at a shade below $44. That’s hardly $70 or $80, but it will allow us to make some nice gains when buying returns in earnest to a distinctly oversold sector.

And return it will.

Because a singular event happened this week, an event that indicates the end of declining oil prices more than any other…

This $600 Million Signal Shows That Oil Is Going Up

Despite what the pundits will tell you, this is not about a Russian-Saudi agreement to cut production, a wave of domestic company collapses in the above-cost shale operating sector in the U.S., or the expected next phase of a constriction in high risk energy debt.

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