McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) continues to affirm its support for kid’s nutrition with the introduction of a fresh whole side option that specifically targets families. Starting this holiday season, kid-sized Sun Pacific Cuties (clementines) will partner McDonald’s lineup for its line of Happy and Mighty Kids Meal’s

The new choices will include apple slices and Go-GURT low-fat strawberry yogurt, with the Cuties grown in California. The addition of Cuties will go a long way in supporting the company’s growing dedication to children’s nutrition while emphasizing the need for healthy eating. Fresh Cuties reportedly offers an excellent amount of vitamin c, while also providing a one-quarter cup of fruit. The giant retail food store has already confirmed that it will continue to explore more fruit and low-fat dairy sides as the need for healthy eating gains momentum.

Cuties have already been tested in 70 of McDonald’s restaurants, with plans for an eventual nationwide rollout. The company is already testing banana that may be added to its future fruit offering, depending on test results. Vice President of Marketing at Sun Pacific, Victoria Nuevo-Celeste already gave her vote of confidence to the ongoing partnership with McDonald’s, which she believes will continue to provide McDonald’s customers sweet easy-peel Cuties across the U.S.

This announcement is cementing the company’s partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an organization created by the Clinton Foundation. The movement aims at increasing access to fruits vegetables as well as low-fat dairy products that should help families make informed choices on healthy eating habits.

Technical Analysis

McDonald’s fell by 1.06% during yesterday’s trading session. However, the stock is still trading above its 20-Day EMA of $95.02, with its RSI indicator drifting down to 61.82. Yesterday’s fall was because back of higher volumes, which indicates that the stock will probably continue to move down in the near future.

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