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 The Nasdaq is known for its sensitivity to Fed interest rates. The growth-orientated stocks in the Nasdaq often rely heavily on borrowing to finance their operations and higher interest rates can make their margins tighter. So, when the market is very sensitive to coming rate changes often the Nasdaq can react strongly to those expectations. So, the seasonal pattern in the Nasdaq is particularly interesting.Over the last 5 years the Nasdaq has gained 62.50% of the time and seen a median return of 0.70%. Will the recent inflation data be enough of an encouragement for the Fed to keep signaling coming interest rate cuts for the US? Will these hopes keep the Nasdaq supported into this Wednesday’s Fed meeting?The Nasdaq made record highs last week, so can those gains continue this week? Will the Nasdaq find dip buyers ahead of the Wednesday Fed meeting?Video Length: 00:01:38More By This Author:All Eyes On US Labor Data After Softer US Inflation Print Last Friday
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