Well, Bitcoin is at it again on Friday, climbing something like $350 in the space of a couple of hours, rising above $8,100.

This comes on the heels of Thursday morning’s truly absurd ascent that saw prices spike more than $1,000 in minutes.


Who knows what’s behind this, but whatever it’s worth, Fundstrat’s Tom Lee (more on Tom’s Bitcoin calls here), said three things could be behind the rally:

  • Santander’s idea for a payment application based on blockchain
  • tax-related selling being nearly at an end
  • short squeeze
  • Whatever, Tom. Some suspect the apparently imminent arrival of George Soros onto the scene (he’s given the approval for his family office to trade digital assets just months after calling them a bubble) might also be causing shorts to get cold feet.

    In any event, Bitcoin has had a great week along with the rest of this hopeless bullshit:


    Don’t forget, it’s a “disease.”

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