Every New York stock exchange trading day I’m posting a daily dividend stock or fund review. I’ll share the three chief qualities of just one equity or fund that could be selected for a dividend stock portfolio I’ve named the Safari to Sweet Success.

This week my Safari portfolio seeks a high yield and price growing stock in the Industrials sector.

That sector has twenty-three industries all busy designing, fabricating and servicing things we want and use from aerospace to waste management and all the business services and equipment required, in between.

Today I’m reviewing a combination of three airlines. It’s a large-cap stock, International Consolidated Airlines Group. Its trading ticker symbol is BABWF.

International Consolidated Airlines Group SA operates international and domestic scheduled air services carrying passengers and cargo. It has seven brands: British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, LEVEL, IAG Cargo, Avios, and Aer Lingus.

As of February 12, 2018, it operated a fleet of 547 aircraft flying to 268 destinations.

The company was incorporated in 2010 and is based in Madrid, Spain.

I use three key data points gauge the value of dividend equities or funds like International Consolidated Airlines(BABWF): 

(1) Price

(2) Dividends

(3) Returns


International’s price was $8.56 per share at the last trading day’s market close.A year ago its price was $6.57 for a gain of a penny less than $2.00 per share. 

Assuming International’s price gains at the same pace this year, its price would grow from $8.56 to $10.55 by April, 2019.

BABWF Dividends

International’s most recent variable semi-annual dividend was $0.18 declared in February, and payable July 2, 2018.

International’s estimated annual dividend for 2018 is estimated at $0.36 paid in two portions in July and December.

The yield from that $0.36 annual dividend is 4.2% at Thursday’s $8.56 share price. 

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