In the Currency Strength table, the GBP was the strongest currency while the CAD was the weakest. There were some significant changes last month with the USD and GBP gaining 2 points while the CHF lost 2 points.

When looking at the trend on a month-to-month basis the GBP and EUR showed a very good performance and to a lesser extent the JPY. On the other hand, the USD, AUD and CAD showed a very weak performance. However, some currencies are changing and when looking at the Weekly and Daily development, the USD seems to pick up strength while NZD is losing strength.

Although some good performing currencies may have lost points they remain interesting when looking at all the currencies in the table as a whole. Same for the weak currencies that may have gained points. That is why the Classification of currencies and the Currency Score comparison are important also. We will look at this in more detail. 

12 Months Currency Score Strength

The 12 Months Currency Strength and the 12 Months Average are provided here below. For more information check the page Explanation Articles on my blog.

Average 12 M. Score

When looking at the Average 12 M. Score we can see the currencies grouped together according to their classification.
There may be some doubt and in that case it could be a currency that will change its classification in the coming months.

  • Strong – We can see that the EUR, GBP are clearly grouped together as Strong currencies around an Average 12 M. Score of 5 to 7.
  • Neutral – The CAD and CHF are grouped together around an Average 12 M. Score of 4 to 5.
  • Weak – The JPY, USD, AUD and NZD are grouped together around an Average 12 M. Score of 3 to 4.
  • Classification review
    This month we take a look at the AUD which changed Classification and the JPY. The AUD changed Classification from Neutral to Weak after showing a weak performance in the last two months. The Avg. 12 M. Currency Score of 3,7500 is in the range of the other weak currencies. The JPY showed a very strong performance in the last two months but because of the very weak performance in the nine months before it remains a weak currency. A good performance in the coming two months may cause the currency to change, it will need a Score of 6 or by preference higher to get in the range of the current Neutral currencies.

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