Which are three of the market’s hottest stocks right now? I searched for ‘Strong Buy’ stocks with significant upside potential from the current share price- and these three biopharma stocks easily stand out from the crowd. You can see below the upside in green from the current share price to the average analyst price target.

So without further ado, let’s dive in now and take a closer look at why top analysts are so bullish on these three trending stocks. You will notice that all the analysts referred to here have four or five-star ratings- because these are the analysts with the most accurate stock picking abilities. For further insights into the market activity on each stock simply click on the hyperlinked tickers:

Strongbridge Biopharma (Nasdaq:SBBP)

  • 3 buy ratings in last three months
  • Average analyst price target indicates 93% upside potential
  • Biopharma Strongbridge now has two commercial rare disease assets, Keveyis (PPP) and Macrilen (AGHD). Meanwhile, its pipeline product Recorlev comes close behind in pivotal Phase 3 studies for Cushing’s disease. This is a complex condition that can happen when stress hormone cortisol levels are too high.

    “The ability of the highly focused, strategic and experienced management team to scale the Keveyis and Macrilen revenues while preparing for Recorlev launch by late 2019E/early 2020E (we assume 2020E) is key to significantly re-rating the company. We believe that management is poised to execute on this strategy and we are bullish on the story” states top Oppenheimer analyst Hartaj Singh.

    His buy rating comes with a $12 price target (58% upside potential).

    Bear in mind that Singh is one of the Top 200 analysts on TipRanks right now. He scores a 61% success rate and 29.2% average return on his buy-sell stock recommendations.

    Aquinox Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:AQXP)

  • 4 buy ratings in last three monhts
  • Average analyst price target indicates 69% upside potential
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