• The best sector across ADRs is healthcare.
  • The top regions are Sub-Saharan Africa, No. America, & No. Asia.
  • The average ADR score is 39.62 and that’s below the four week average score of 40.07 and above the eight week average score of 39.37. The average ADR in our universe is trading -35.38% below its 52 week high, -11.61% below its 200 dma, has 3.73 days to cover held short, and is expected to post EPS growth of 11.01% in the coming year.

    Average scores have slipped below 40 again. Historically, scores below 40 have coincided with solid entry points to buy.

    Overall, the best sector across ADRs is healthcare (MR, SVA, NVO, LUX). Utilities (CPL, SBS, ENI) and technology (SPIL, HIMX, TSM, JST, CMCM) also score strong. Industrial goods, services, and basics score in line with the universe average score. Consumer goods and financials score below average.

    The best zones are Africa (DRD, GOLD, HMY) and No. America (BMO, CNQ). Sub-Saharan Africa, No. America, and North Asia (SPIL, HIMX, MR, SVA, TSM, CMCM, HMIN) are the top regions. Taiwan (SPIL, HIMX, TSM), So. Africa (DRD, GOLD, HMY), Hong Kong (SMI, OIIM), Canada (BMO, CNQ), and Bermuda (SFL) are the strongest countries.


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