Esignal, long known for its reliable, comprehensive data offering, puts the information crucial to negotiating the futures market together with the tools that make the data come to life. Reliable, fast, streaming, real-time futures, stock, options and forex prices come from the world’s markets, including approximately 150 North and South American, European, African and Asian exchanges.

eSignal’s charting and analytics can satisfy every level of technical analyst. Hundreds of studies, plus easily manipulated drawing tools and familiar charting formats, including marketprofile and Point and Figure, are available.

eSignal also provides a scripting language, eSignal Formula Script (EFS), which allows users to create their own studies. The Formula Wizard, a special Bar Replay function and back testing assist in creating studies and verifying the viability of a market strategy.

To assist with back testing, eSignal is constantly adding historial data to the individual exchanges / services it offers through its datafeed, currently providing as much as three years of extended intraday futures data.

Tools for the market
eSignal has many futures-focused tools. Forward and Yield Curves, for example, are a window type used by futures traders and broad market analysts to look at comparative data across multiple contracts.

The Quoteboard displays quotes in a grid-like fashion and a metre that points to the variation in price throughout the day, showing the current price’s “temperature” as it relates to the day’s high and low.

The software’s spread engine capability for complex spreads and ratios allows control of the decimal placement of the spread, including the display of the resulting symbol in some non-standard formats, such as treasuries and grains.

eSignal users get a view of, not just volume, not just the buying and selling, but a close-up on the activity that really moves the market with market depth information. eSignal provides a breadth of market depth from the NASDAQ, NYSE, CME, CBOT and on forex rates, as well as Canadian depth from the TSX, Euro-next Cash BBO 10 and UK Equity Market Service Level II from the LSE.

The market profile feature functions as an eye on time and price opportunities. It organises information in a manner that makes it possible to see which price areas the market is accepting and rejecting.

Weather maps, especially useful in the commodities market, come in multiple packages, covering areas all over the globe, including US Agriculture, US Energy, Europe Energy and the World Coffee Crop.

eSignal also offers US and international continuous contracts with an intuitive symbol format and spreads in the Quote, Chart and Quoteboard windows, with the ability to make your own symbol-combining multiples.

An all-in-one platform
With the reliable, global data, charting, drawing tools and technical analysis alone, users are already ahead of the game. Add to that from eSignal’s full complement of premium services, and chances of finding profitable opportunities increase.

eSignal’s market scanners search the market’s myriad possibilities for opportunities that suit users’ individual parameters. Its real-time news comes from the best in the industry, including Dow Jones and Hightower.
And, eSignal offers a choice of third party applications and premium add-on studies that are compatible, and often integrated with, the software, as well as integration with the trade execution platforms of many respected futures brokers.

This award-winning software meets the needs of the individual, as well as the professional trader. With its comprehensive data, analytics, back testing and market access, it provides an all-in-one desktop solution for designing and implementing effective strategies for today’s futures market.

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