Peter Schiff shared his perspective on the gold market with Kitco News yesterday. Other guests on Kitco have insisted that the Federal Reserve has no choice but to raise interest rates in September, or else the Fed won’t be able to deal with a looming recession. Peter counters this by pointing out how a small rate hike immediately followed by quantitative easing and an rate cut would completely undermine the Fed’s credibility. What about the price of gold? It will rise when the markets wake up to the fact that the Fed’s biggest easy money days are yet to come.

It’s the strength of the dollar and the anticipation of future strength of the dollar [that is driving gold right now]. So many people misunderstand the true strength of the US economy. They don’t understand that it’s a bubble, not a recovery. They’ve misinterpreted what they believe the Fed is going to do. They think the Fed is going to be raising rates, shrinking its balance sheet. That is not what it’s going to be doing. It’s going to be expanding its balance sheet faster than ever before. It’s going to be holding interest rates at zero as long as it can…”

Video Length: 00:05:52

Highlights from the interview:

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