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The shock waves from the Chinese markets’ total meltdown are rippling through the “globalized” markets right now.

Clearly, they’ve got American investors scared, too. It’s easy to see why…

With the incredible growth China and its markets have seen over the past 20 years – practically overnight, and mostly fueled by debt – there’s just no historical precedent for investors to look to right now.

The markets seem to be in unknown territory with China, but, as you’ll see, there’s really no mystery to what has happened – and what will follow.

Shah gave us a special video exclusive to detail just how much damage we can expect on American markets as “China sneezes and the world catches a cold,” plus some trading strategies he suggests to keep your money safe…    

There’s More to Come from the Red Dragon

China is not finished with its attempt to prop up the bleeding markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen. We’ve seen everything from stock market “holidays” to surprise devaluations in the yuan, and we’ll go through more before its all said and done.

But now that China’s markets are a known quantity, there are specific steps to take and investments to hold to hedge against further moves to the downside and make serious money when stocks plunge again.


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