Stocks across the board rose in early trading Tuesday as markets remained hopeful that discussions between German chancellor Angela Merkel and Greek prime minister George Papandreou will resolve Greece’s bailout and avert default.

In Europe the FTSE 100 index climbed 2.28 percent to 5,205.38, the Stoxx Europe increased by 2.31 percent to 225.37, the German Dax 30 rose 3.37 percent to 5,525.73, and the French CAC added 2.99 percent to reach 2,944.87.

Asian markets were up with the Nikkei 225 increasing 236 points, or 2.82 percent, to 8,610, the Hang Seng rising 723 points, or 4.15 percent, to 18,131 and the S&P ASX up 3.46 percent to 4,064.

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